About me

As Director of Education and Training at Marathon Fitness in Nashville, I focus on the factors that make each personal training experience individually rewarding for you. Since 1986, I've worked to acquire the highest level of knowledge, professionalism and motivation to become one of the most accomplished personal trainers in the country. Whether you need a "personal recovery plan," want to extend your professional playing career, or simply feel better with an overall better lifestyle, we can work together to get the job done.  

A research scientist by trade, I developed an early interest in the human body, particularly as it relates to exercise physiology, nutrition and function. I hold a Bachelor of Science (Biology) from Oakwood University, as well as a Masters of Science degree (Biology) from Alabama A&M University. I continued my studies at the historical Meharry Medical College in Nashville, TN where I was a doctoral candidate in the Department of Physiology doing extensive research on the effects of Leptin on the Hypothalamic Pituitary Adrenal Axis (HPA) of rats that were subjected to various feeding paradigms.

As a result of my formal education, I also have a significant amount of anatomy and lab experience at the historically significant Howard University where I served as an autopsy assistant with some of the most well respected pathologists in the country. In 1989 I went to  


Houston Texas and spent one year working as a monitoring technician at The Methodist Hospital that is affiliated with Baylor College of Medicine. While there I had the privilege of working with esteemed cardiac surgeon the late Michael E. DeBakey, M.D, as well as famed thoracic surgeon Michael Reardon, M.D.I also have years of experience in the professional ranks of competitive sports. I'm a former competitive power lifter (American Drug Free Powerlifting Association) and body builder (International Bodybuilding Federation) with two middleweight titles to my name. This experience provides my clients an added level of confidence, knowing that my counsel is honest and wise.  

My business has now grown to involve thousands of clients of professional, semi-pro, amateur, college and high school competitors. While many are truly accomplished professional athletes, the majority are either young athletes who are pursuing professional status or working professionals of all ages who want to maintain healthful lives. I'd value the chance to train you too.